‘Y’-shaped mesh for sacrocolpopexy and sacrocervicopexy


EndoGYNious is a complete correction mesh with 2 arms in a ‘Y’ shape for sacrocolpopexy. The EndoGYNious mesh is used to repair damage caused by pelvic organ displacement, creating new fixation points between the cervix, over the sacral bone or the sacral promontory.

Mesh Advantages:

  • Double layer of isoelastic mesh at the proximal end for secure fixation to the sacral promontory
  • Single-layer isoelastic mesh body to maintain vaginal tissue flexibility as high as possible: ultralight mesh with hexagonal structure
  • Minimal foreign material, minimal reactions: 21 g/m2
  • Highest porosity in meshes: 93%. Allows re-collagenization and re-vascularization.