Laparoscopic mesh for sacrohysteropexy (uterus preservation)


HyGYNious has been designed for performing a sacrohysteropexy procedure. This mesh provides correction of cystocele or rectocele by placing the posterior mesh deeply in the lesser pelvis and the anterior mesh also deeply beneath the bladder.


  • Uterus preservation (hysteropexy)
  • Preservation of some apical mobility
  • Rapid tissue growth with good re-collagenization and revascularization
  • Long-lasting support to prevent recurrence of apical prolapse with cystocele/rectocele
  • Ultralight mesh (21 g/m2)
  • High porosity (93%)
  • Wide pore (100-150 μm)
  • Hexagonal structure
  • Rapid tissue integration
  • Increases patient comfort