Laser for SUI / Vaginal Atrophy

1470 nm Diode Laser – Radial Fiber

The 1470 nm diode laser from Z-Med allows for various vaginal treatments using a radial emitting fiber with deep thermal effect. This laser can address different symptoms of vaginal atrophy, minor urinary incontinence (mild SUI), or post-menopausal genitourinary symptoms.

This easy and intuitive treatment combines the use of a patented thin vaginal handpiece with a radial emitting fiber that enables doctors to treat the vaginal wall uniformly with the correct energy dose from the laser source applied to all internal walls of the vagina. The radial fiber allows for 360° laser coverage, eliminating the need to rotate and pull the probe. Its thin shape makes it easy to use even for women experiencing GSM symptoms.

The treatment targets the vaginal mucosa, restoring firmness, flexibility, and hydration, thereby significantly reducing various symptoms. The Out FemiFine handpiece eliminates the need for contact with the vaginal wall for maximum patient comfort. For the physician, there’s no need to move the handpiece during treatment, only the laser fiber.


  • Mild SUI
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal firmness
  • Post-menopausal genitourinary syndrome