Mini Sling I-STOP

Adjustable mini sling for SUI


The adjustable mini sling for single-incision SUI, I-STOP, provides optimal urethral support. Patented anchors and the tissue loop edges of the tape aid in bidirectional tensioning, facilitating precision in adjustment.



  • Adjustable mini sling
  • Secure anchors
  • Non-deformable mesh
  • Instruments included in the kit

BSC Mesh

Apical prolapse / Anterior prolapse with combined technique


  • Apical prolapse
  • Anterior prolapse with combined technique (classic surgery)
  • Bilateral Richter technique

BSC Mesh provides a symmetrical bilateral colposuspension to the sacrospinous ligament. It is designed to induce the formation of a neo-uterosacral ligament by establishing a symmetrical bilateral suspension of the vaginal vault or cervix to the sacrospinous ligament. This recreates the support previously provided by non-functioning natural ligaments.

The BSC Mesh is made of special ultra-lightweight polypropylene with high porosity. It weighs only 21 g/m2 and has a porosity of 93%. These two characteristics promote rapid anatomical integration with minimal tissue reaction.

The i-Stitch device is used for anchoring the BSC Mesh.


  • Ultralight mesh (21g/m2)
  • High porosity (93%)
  • U-shaped design
  • Technique allows uterine preservation
  • Minimal foreign body sensation