Anterior and posterior mesh for sacrocolpopexy


The PelviGYNious mesh offers excellent correction of cystocele/rectocele by placing the posterior part of the mesh over the pelvis and the anterior part deep beneath the bladder, as well as optimal apical suspension of the vagina, tension-free, by fixing it to the sacral promontory.

Mesh Advantages:
  • The double layer of mesh at the proximal end allows for firm fixation to the bone or sacral promontory while also allowing some organ mobility.
  • The isoelastic layer of the mesh around the vaginal tissue maintains maximum flexibility due to its hexagonal structure and lightweight.
  • The lightweight of the mesh minimizes the body’s natural reaction to foreign elements: 21g/m2.
  • The extremely high porosity of the mesh allows for rapid integration thanks to fibroblast growth around the monofilaments.