sensiTVT / sensiTVT/A

Innovative belt for feminine SUI



  • Mayor adaptabilidad suburetral
  • Evitación de posible desplazamiento de la cinta al cuello vesical
  • Dos modelos: ajustable y no ajustable
  • Versatilidad: técnica transobutadora y/o retropúbica y procedimiento dentro-fuera, fuera-dentro con una sola malla.
  • They are the only meshes on the market that allow greater suburethral adaptability thanks to the novel innovation that provides greater articulation to the mesh arms, thereby preventing possible displacement of the tape towards the bladder neck, which could cause urge incontinence.
  • The sensiTVT mesh has two models: adjustable urinary incontinence mesh (sensiTVT/A) and non-adjustable incontinence mesh (sensiTVT). Both can be implanted via transobturator (TOT) or retropubic (TVT) approaches, with inside-out or outside-in techniques.
  • Excellent results at 10 years.