At the last XXV National Meeting of the Functional, Female and Urodynamic Urology Group, held on May 9 and 10, several communications were presented about ATOMS, an adjustable prosthesis for male SUI, concluding in all of them the effectiveness and safety of the device for the treatment of male SUI.

Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital (Madrid)

– 92 patients

– “Incidence of complications lower than that described in artificial sphincter”

– Commplete comunication

Hospital del Mar (Barcelona)

– 17 patients

– 88.3% surgery efficiency

-“Effective solution for any degree of incontinence”

– Commplete comunication

Morales Meseguer Hospital (Murcia)

– 24 patients

“The ATOMS® system, unlike other devices, can be adjusted after surgery. We found greater continence in patients who have not received radiotherapy”

– Commplete comunication

Vírgen de la Arrixaca University Clinical Hospital (Murcia)

– 15 patients

– “The treatment of male incontinence through the implementation of the ATOMS system in our center provides very good results, tolerance and comfort for readjustment in the absence of serious complications. Appropriate selection is important to obtain the best results, being useful in patients with prior RT”

– Commplete comiunication